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Tournament Golf Rules
Team Scramble Gross - Four-person scramble rules apply. All players will hit from the tee. Team selects the best drive and all players will hit from that spot. Process will continue until the ball is holed.
Players can improve their lies by moving the ball no more than one club length, but not closer to the hole.
Players cannot change the condition of the ball without penalty, ex: move the ball out of a bunker, out of the water, from behind a tree, from rough into the fairway.
Two Putt Rule - Each team is allotted only one putt attempted. If the ball is not holed on the first putt, the ball will be picked up and a stroke added to the hole score.  (Note:  Putting from the fringe (off the green) does not count towards the two-putt maximum).
Double Bogey Cap Rule - If your team misses a shot at Bogey on a hole, pick up your ball, take a Double Bogey and head to the next hole.
Minimum Drive Rule - You must use 2 drives for each player.
Mulligan Rule - Each team is allowed one 4-pack of Mulligans, one to be used by each golfer. They can be purchased at registration.
 Please list your gross score only
Prizes will be:
1st Place - 4 prizes of $100
2nd Place - 4 prizes of $75
3rd Place - 4 prizes of $75
4th Place - 4 prizes of $50
5th Place - 4 prizes of $50
6th Place - 4 prizes of $25

Closest to pin men and women (winner on each course) - 4 prizes of $25
longest drive - men and women (winners on each course) - 4 prizes of $25