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Golf Rules
Rules of Play
This is a scramble format. The following rules are in effect:
  • On every hole, each member of the Team shall hit a tee shot. The Team then selects one tee shot from which to play. All members of the team shall hit from that position. This is repeated until the ball is holed out. Each member may place the ball within one club length of the selected shot but no nearer the hole nor in an improved lie.
  • When putting, once the ball is holed out, no further strokes count. Putts should be within a putters head’s length from the selected putt.
  • There is a minimum of two tee shots to be used from each Team member.
  • Double bogey is the highest score on one hole. So pick up once your Team reaches bogey and move on taking a double bogey as your score.
  • Score cards need to be turned in promptly as teams complete their round. Any score cards missing at the end will be excluded for purposes of determining who wins the prizes.
Prizes will be:
1st Place - 4 prizes of $100
2nd Place - 4 prizes of $75
3rd Place - 4 prizes of $75

4th Place - 4 prizes of $50
5th Place - 4 prizes of $50
6th Place - 4 prizes of $25

Closest to pin men and women (winner on each course) - 4 prizes of $25
longest drive - men and women (winners on each course) - 4 prizes of $25